Are Pitbulls Good Apartment Dogs? (Definitive Answer)

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Are Pitbulls good apartment dogs?

American Pitbull Terriers are very misunderstood in our world. 

But this breed happens to be an extremely friendly companion. 

However, their friendliness doesn’t automatically mean they would be good apartment dogs.

Let’s find out if they’re a good fit for your small space!

What Makes a Good Apartment Dog?

There are certain traits capable of meshing well into an apartment lifestyle.

Here are a few things apartment owners should be looking for when choosing a dog breed

  • Not a big barker
  • Friendly
  • Simple to train
  • Non-energetic
  • Doesn’t droll much
  • Moderate appetite 
  • Isn’t a huge trouble maker
  • Reliable potty behavior
  • Doesn’t shed much
  • Lack of odor

Each of these traits is pivotal in any apartment dog for obvious reasons.

After all, I couldn’t think of a worse thing than living next to an apartment with a barking Chihuahua.

Let’s see how Pitbulls will stack up by diving into their respective temperament and traits.

Once we have a handle on their personality, determining their apartment suitability will be a breeze.  

Pitbull Traits and Temperament

Are pitbulls good apartment dogs? Let's find out! We'll see which characteristics work well in a small space, then find out if pits meet them!

Every dog breed has a general list of traits that makes them distinct.

However, every dog in their respective breed will have unique qualities, but some attributes become common.

Here are a few of these traits for Pitbulls.

Emotionally Complex 

American Pitbull Terriers are a bit more expressive than most other breeds.

These dogs are known for expressing a wide array of emotions and reactions.

As you can imagine, this personality trait can be quite endearing.

But it can also cause them to become stubborn, moody, or angry for extended periods. 


A relaxed tucked out Pitbull will be one of the most loving creatures on earth.

These dogs love a good cuddle and don’t have any issues giving pooch smooches even though their owners might think it’s gross.


Pitbulls are an extremely energetic breed.

These dogs require extensive daily exercise to maintain their happy-go-lucky attitude. 

For instance, other dogs might only require a walk in the morning and night.

Pitbulls will need a lot more than physical stimulation and could require three or four per day. 

Sweat A Lot 

Their highly energetic personality causes them to sweat a lot.

In fact, this trait has become somewhat of a defining characteristic for the breed.

Owners should know that certain ingredients in their diet could cause them to get smelly, as well.

Neither of these traits is a great thing to have in a smaller space, such as apartments. 

High Leapers

One of the most astonishing things about Pitbulls is their leaping ability.

These dogs won’t have trouble clearing a fence when something on the other side catches their attention.

As you can imagine, this trait isn’t great news for your indoor furniture.

You’ll have to weary of them trashing your couches and chairs with their nails. 


A common misconception about Pitbulls is their good watchdogs.

This belief isn’t remotely true, as these dogs are among the friendliest around. 

It seems to stem from their intimidating looks.

But this intimidation is a front because Pitbulls will take to strangers rather quickly and be overly friendly with them. 

Selective Socialization 

Pitbulls’ friendliness can be a little selective, but they will like most people.

However, it gets a bit iffy when it comes to other dogs and pets.

It’s not uncommon to see them compete with smaller dogs or view smaller pets as potential prey.

But you can deal with these habits through proper socialization and training. 


This breed will require a lot of daily mental stimulation.

They might not be German Shepherd smart, but Pitbulls have a keen level of intelligence.

Owners will need to keep them entertained, or trouble might start. 

Are Pitbulls Good Apartment Dogs?

Are pitbulls good apartment dogs? Let's find out! We'll see which characteristics work well in a small space, then find out if pits meet them!

Before we go any farther in answering this, you’ll need to do one simple thing: look at your lease.

If pits are on the banned breeds list for your apartment, you already have your answer.

Please, don’t try to “sneak” one in, unless you’re willing to get thrown out of your building along with him.

It’s not fair to try to pull one over on your landlord, get caught, then end up rehoming your dog.

Got it, good? Now, let’s answer the question.

Given our previous two sections, I think it’s fair to say Pitbulls aren’t the best apartment dogs.

They’re bigger, energetic, stubborn dogs who tend to sweat a lot. 

But this breed does share some positive apartment dog traits.

They are friendly, amusing, loving, don’t bark a lot, and bond well with their owners. 

It also helps that they’re trainable, and socialization isn’t too tricky.

It’s a simple matter of showing strong leadership and patience in this process. 

As a result, a Pitbull can thrive in an apartment.

But their owners need to make sure they have plenty of exercise, space, and mental stimulation to quell their more problematic traits.

Routine grooming of your Pitbull would be an excellent idea, as well.

It’ll help keep them from having a strong sense of smell, which could stink up your furniture. 

In any case, a well-behaved Pitbull shouldn’t have any problems living inside an apartment.

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 Tips to Keep a Pitbull Happy in an Apartment

If you’ve decided to live with a Pitbull inside your apartment, there are a few things that can help ease the transition.

The following tips should help ensure your favorite pupper thrives in the new living situation:

  • Provided an ample amount of space for them
  • Keep your belongings away from their areas
  • Make sure to buy some toys for entertainment 
  • One of the toys should be a chewy item that holds up against a Pitbull’s bite
  • Keep the windows open to have sufficient ventilation 
  • Stick with a grooming routine
  • Shower them with love and attention
  • Maybe invest in a treadmill to match their energy

These actions should keep your dog in a relaxed mood when indoors.

Make sure to add a solid mix of dog parts visits, vet care, and daily walks.

If you do, I can’t imagine your Pitbull won’t end up loving their apartment lifestyle. 

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