100 Beautiful African Dog Names with Meanings

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Looking for some beautiful African dog names with meanings?

Below, we’ve come up with 100 amazing ideas that we think you’ll love!

We’ve included 50 each for both male and female dogs.

Let’s dive in!

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African Male Dog Names

Looking for some beautiful African dog names with meanings? Check out these 100 amazing ideas, with 50 each for boys and girls!

If you’re looking for an amazing male dog name to honor your African heritage, these are absolutely beautiful!

  1. Abari – African name meaning “brave.”
  2. Addae – this name means “morning sun.”
  3. Ade – Nigerian name meaning “royal.”
  4. Amar – Kiswahili name for “long life.”
  5. Azibo – Malawi name that means “earth.”
  6. Baayo – Gambian name meaning “orphan.”
  7. Bheka – this name refers to the one who watches. 
  8. Chebe – a name for a fortunate one.
  9. Chike – Egyptian name meaning “God’s strength.”
  10. Dakarai – Zimbabwean name meaning “happiness.” 
  11. Davu – perfect name for a new beginning. 
  12. Ekon – Nigerian name meaning “strong.”
  13. Goni – beautiful name meaning “promise.”
  14. Hamidi – Kenyan name for an admired one.
  15. Issa – Swahili name for a savior.
  16. Jabari – Egyptian name meaning “Brave.”
  17. Jambo – this is how people used to greet others in Africa.
  18. Kasim – Nigerian name for the one who never gets angry.
  19. Kellan – this is the perfect name for a “powerful” pup.
  20. Kendi – beautiful name for a loved one.
  21. Khaya – this name means “home.”
  22. Kuume – Namibian name meaning “friend.”
  23. Kwame– beautiful name for a pup born on Saturday.
  24. Lebo – this name means “thankful.”
  25. Mhambi  – great name for a dog who loves adventure.
  26. Minzi – East-African name for a protector.
  27. Moja – Kiswahili name meaning “one.”
  28. Moyo – Malawi name meaning “life.”
  29. Obi – this beautiful name means “heart.”
  30. Ode – amazing name meaning “born on the road.”
  31. Odion – this name refers to the one born from twins.
  32. Ogbo – West African name meaning “friend.”
  33. Okaka – Nigeria name meaning “blessing.”
  34. Okra – in Ghana, this name means “soul.”
  35. Olee – this is a Nigerian name referring to a beautiful moment.
  36. Omari – Egyptian name meaning “God is highest.”
  37. Raadi – Kiswahili name meaning “thunder.”
  38. Roho – Kiswahili name meaning “spirit.”
  39. Roro – Yoruba name meaning “fierce.”
  40. Safari – this name actually means “journey.”
  41. Salim – Swahili name meaning “peaceful.” 
  42. Sengo – this name means “joy.”
  43. Sisa – this name means “benevolent.”
  44. Sonto – African word for “Sunday.”
  45. Sudi – East African name meaning “luck.”
  46. Taj – Urdu name meaning “exhalted.” 
  47. Tandi – this name means “fire.”
  48. Teke – Nigerian name meaning “prayer.”
  49. Tezi – In Zulu, this name means “the one who stays.”
  50. Tiifu – Kiswahili name meaning “loyal.”

It’s hard to choose just one favorite, isn’t it?

I really love Lebo, because I’m so thankful for my dogs!

It also makes a great rescue dog name for a pup that is thankful for you!

African Female Dog Names

Looking for some beautiful African dog names with meanings? Check out these 100 amazing ideas, with 50 each for boys and girls!
  1. Ada – Swahili name meaning “first daughter.”
  2. Amari – Arabic name meaning “moon.”
  3. Ane – Nigerian name meaning “surprising.”
  4. Ata – for someone who keeps growing. 
  5. Aza – Kiswahli name meaning “strong.”
  6. Bahati – Swahili name meaning “fortunate.”
  7. Bika – Kiswahili name meaning “omen.”
  8. Bisa – for a “greatly loved” pup. 
  9. Chaga – Kiswahili name for a hard worker.
  10. Dinga – in Azania, this name means “wanderer.”
  11. Domme – in Ghana, this is a blesses someone.
  12. Duma – Zulu name meaning “lightning.”
  13. Emi – West African name meaning “ghost.”
  14. Enyi – Nigerian name meaning “friend.”
  15. Eshe – Swahili name for “energy.”  
  16. Faa – Kiswahili name for “useful.”
  17. Hasina – Swahili name meaning “good.”
  18. Inaani – South African name meaning “left at home.”
  19. Jamila – this name means “beautiful.”
  20. Jina – Swahili name meaning “named child.”
  21. Kaabo – West African name meaning “welcomed.”
  22. Kafi – this name refers to a “quiet” one.
  23. Kali – this name means “energetic.”
  24. Kamikaze – Burundi name meaning “queen.”
  25. Kanzi – East African name meaning “treasure.”
  26. Khata – Zulu name meaning “home.”
  27. Khayazaki – in Azania, this name means “refuge.”
  28. Kifaa – Kiswahili name meaning “useful.”
  29. Kwini – Kiswahili name meaning “queen.”
  30. Latrice – this name refers to a “noble woman.”
  31. Lomo – Nigerian name for “sunshine.”
  32. Lulu – this name means “pearl.” 
  33. Machelle – this name means “the one who looks like God.”
  34. Makena – this name is for an extra happy one.
  35. Malika – this name means “queen.”
  36. Minzi – African name for protector.
  37. Moriti – perfect for a black pup, as it means “shadow.”
  38. Nala – this name refers to the water in the desert.
  39. Nandi – for a sweet, sweet pup. 
  40. Nata – Kiswahili name for “faithful.”
  41. Neema – Swahili name meaning “prosperous.”
  42. Raadi – this name means “thunder.”
  43. Sarama – for a very nice baby girl.
  44. Siti – Kiswahili name meaning “lady.”
  45. Stara – Kiswahili name meaning “protected.”
  46. Tamala – this name refers to a “dark tree.”
  47. Tayla – for the pup who saw everything.
  48. Titi – Nigerian name meaning “flower.”
  49. Uche – Nigerian name meaning “reflection.”
  50. Uje – Nigerian name for “happiness.”

I really love Nala! Maybe because I grew up watching The Lion King.

Sure, she was a feline, but it’s still a great name, especially for a Golden Retriever!

One last little note- remember, cultural appropriation is never cute or cool, and that goes for all names from all cultures.

Some of these names are fairly common, but others have deep meaning to their respective nations.

So, please, if you’re not from a specific culture, do your research first to make sure you’re not choosing something that screams “appropriation.”

What are your favorite African dog names? Share below!

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