8 Fabulous Dog Breeds That Don’t Grow

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Are you wondering which small dogs never grow big?

You might if you’re thinking about adopting a dog and want a tiny one to cuddle in your arms.

Then you’ve found the right place to discover some 8 cute dogs that don’t grow.

Just keep on reading.

8 Fabulous Dog Breeds That Don’t Grow

Big dogs have their charm, but you don’t always have space for a 50-100 pound dog in an apartment. Large dogs also mean more food expenses, increased vet bills, and more fur around the house.

On the other hand, small dogs do well in apartments and have a longer lifespan than large breeds. Some tiny dogs might be more energetic than large ones, but it’s easier to exercise them inside and transport them to the vet.

Moreover, people are rarely frightened by 5-pound dogs and won’t freak out when you enter the store with your mini dog.

So, let’s see 8 mini dogs that don’t grow and are perfect for people who want a dog they can take almost anywhere.

#1 Pomeranian

Look at that bushy tails, short muzzle, expressive eyes, and fluffy coat! Since Pomeranians weigh around  4-7 pounds, they don’t grow big and keep their adorable teddy-bear appearance.

Despite their tiny size, Pomeranians make good watchdogs because they’re suspicious and bark at the slightest sign of trouble. They also have a “big dog” attitude and might pick fights with animals thrice their size.

Interestingly, Pomeranians descend from large Arctic dogs that used to pull sleds through the snow. That would explain the Pomeranian’s fierce spirit, independence, and stubbornness.

While difficult to housebreak, Pomeranians are smart dogs and learn with ease when motivated. They’re very affectionate, playful, and curious dogs that get along with everybody with proper socialization.

#2 Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are as small as 2.5 ounces when they’re born and easily fit in your palm. Adult Chihuahuas weigh 6 pounds at most, so they’re one of the cutest dogs that don’t grow.

Despite their meager size, Chihuahuas think of themselves as big dogs. They don’t back off from a fight or a challenge and can be excellent watchdogs.

Chihuahuas are also excellent companion dogs because they’re affectionate, charming, and sensitive. These love nothing more than being with their owner and will happily travel in a handbag or your arms without making a fuss.

However, Chihuahuas are far more energetic than you expect from such a tiny dog and need 20-30 minutes of daily exercise. Chihuahuas are likely to run and play until they drop to the ground, so be careful!

These small dogs that stay small can also be bossy if you allow it and need plenty of obedience training and socialization.

#3 Yorkshire Terrier

With their silky coat and adorable topknot, the Yorkshire Terrier remains one of the most popular small dogs. So, we can’t miss them when talking about types of dogs that don’t grow.

Like many toy breeds, Yorkshire Terriers have a big personality stuffed into a tiny body. They are adventurous, bold, and fierce dogs that won’t hesitate to chase a passing squirrel or pick a fight with a strange dog.

While Yorkshire Terriers make excellent apartment dogs, they can be yappy. You need to train your Yorkie not to bark, or your neighbors won’t be happy.

Since most Yorkies weigh around six pounds, they aren’t suitable for homes with small children.

#4 Brussel Griffon

If you’re looking for small cute dogs that don’t grow, you won’t be disappointed by the Brussel Griffon with their monkey faces.

Most Brussel Griffons don’t weigh more than 12 pounds, so they fit perfectly in your lap and adapt well to apartments. They are also very affectionate, cuddly, and bond so closely to their owners that people call them Velcro dogs.

While Brussel Griffons look fragile, they’re muscular and sturdy dogs that enjoy running an agility course and are quite athletic.

But Griffons don’t like to be alone and have many ways to show their displeasure of being ignored. These small dogs can be excessive barkers, so obedience training and socialization is a must.

Also, don’t let them get away with misbehaving, or these mini dogs that don’t grow will become bossy and hard to train.

#5 Bolognese

Who can resist those white fluff, cute faces, and expressive eyes? With a weight of approximately 8-14 pounds, you don’t have to worry about Bolognese dogs growing very big and losing their adorableness.

In general, Bolognese is excellent companions because they’re cheerful, sweet, and get on well with everybody. Bolognese loves to cuddle in your lap and will amaze you with their playful behavior all day long.

These small dogs are also a sensitive breed and don’t react well to harsh treatment. But with plenty of positive reinforcement, these fluffy white dogs will become your best friends for life.

However, Bolognese dogs are prone to separation anxiety and don’t like to be alone. Without proper socialization, the Bolognese also tend to be shy around strangers.

#6 Japanese Chin

Another small dog that doesn’t grow is the adorable Japanese Chin, one of the lesser-known Japanese breeds.

In general, Japanese Chins weigh 4-9 pounds with a height of 8-11 inches. They make excellent dogs for busy people and charm you with their cute flat faces.

People often describe them as cat-like because Japanese Chins lick themselves like cats and can jump up tall furniture in one leap. They also like to bat toys and have a cat-like desire to be up high.

Japanese Chin is quite affectionate, gets on well with everyone they meet, and doesn’t need much grooming. They’re playful but not overly energetic and won’t become destructive if you forge to walk them.

Moreover, Japanese Chins are very clean dogs, which makes them a perfect breed for neat freaks.

#7 Maltese

One of the things you can’t miss about Maltese dogs is their silky white coat and how these dogs seem to float on a white cloud when walking.

Most Maltese dogs don’t weigh more than seven pounds, so you shouldn’t expect them to grow big. They’re sweet, charming, and affectionate companions that thrive on human attention.

Smart and intelligent, Maltese dogs live to please their owners. But they can be stubborn at times and difficult to housetrain. They learn best through positive reinforcement and plenty of rewards.

Maltese dogs shed little, and people often consider them a hypoallergenic breed. However, they’re delicate dogs, prone to separation anxiety.

#8 Papillon

It’s no wonder that Papillon means “butterfly” in French. Just look at those adorable ears and sweet faces!

While small and cute, Papillion isn’t one of those dogs that like to be idle. They’re energetic, lively, and mischievous dogs that take their job of protecting the house from intruders and pests seriously.

As a whole, Papillon is alert, friendly, and affectionate. They are eager to please, which makes Papillon highly trainable, but they can develop a stubborn streak if you spoil them too much. 

Papillons can also be bossy towards other animals and attempt to take charge. They also don’t like to be separated from their owners and are miserable when alone.

However, since Papillons weigh up to nine pounds, you can take them with you wherever you go.

Final thoughts

Each one of these small dogs that never grow big will make an excellent addition to your household. However, keep a few things in mind.

Small dogs tend to bond closely to their humans and are prone to separation anxiety. They need as much obedience training and socialization as large dogs, or these adorable mini dogs become bossy and stubborn.

What do you think about these 8 small cute dogs that never grow big? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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