How To Use Dog Diapers And The Top 5 Dog Diapers For Poop

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It is a wonderful relief when you finally house train your dog and you no longer need to deal with messy spills around your home.

But there is also no denying the sinking feeling you get when your dog suddenly starts going in the house again. Frustrating if it is pee, and downright terrible when it is poop.

If there is no remedy for your dog’s incontinence, you might need to start relying on doggy diapers to stop your pet from doing their business around the house.

Fortunately, there are lots of options on the market. Though if you are dealing with poop, you will need to choose diapers that are capable of handling this kind of heavy-duty soiling.

Read on as we discuss what to look for with regard to a doggy diaper that is up to the task of dealing with poop and how best to use them. We will also recommend some of the best dog diapers for poop.

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Why Is Your Dog Pooping Inside?

There are lots of reasons why your dog might start doing their business in the house again. 

Urinating inside, in particular, can be caused by a number of things, and some of these are treatable and others not.

Pooping inside after being properly toilet trained, however, is a lot less common. 

If your dog has a problem that is causing them diarrhea, this might be a temporary problem. Yes, the clean-up will be horrible, but you can expect it to pass.

However, if your dog starts pooping in the house normally after being properly toilet trained, it is very likely a result of old age.

If they suffer from dog dementia, they may simply have forgotten their toilet training. There is not much you can do about this, as the same condition will mean they won’t have the ability to relearn.

This means they may need to pass their twilight years with the assistance of a doggy diaper.

What Are Dog Diapers?

Dog diapers are pretty much exactly the same as the human diapers you may have come across for babies and the elderly.

They are absorbent padding designed to catch your dog’s urine and feces. So, naturally, they will have a different fit than a human diaper and very likely a hole for your dog’s tale.

However, unlike baby diapers, it is recommended that you should only use diapers for incontinence and never for house training.

A doggy diaper will make it more difficult to monitor their bathroom habits, and the freedom of being able to go in the diaper will also slow down their learning of where they can and can’t go.

How To Choose The Right Dog Diapers

While you might think all dog diapers are made alike, there are some small differences between brands that you might want to consider when making your choice.

Disposable vs Washable

Just like with human diapers, you will need to choose between disposable and washable diapers.

Disposable diapers are cheaper per diaper but add up in the long-term as you must replace them constantly. They also aren’t environmentally friendly as they will all end up in a landfill somewhere.

Washable diapers are more expensive upfront but will save you money in the long run. They are also more environmentally friendly. But, of course, you have to wash them, which is not always a pleasant experience.

If you are dealing with a dog with urinary incontinence, washable diapers are a great, affordable, and environmentally friendly option.

However, if you are dealing with a dog with pooping incontinence, we recommend you go with disposable diapers.

You won’t be able to throw them in the washing machine and it is not advisable to wash them by hand because dog poop contains dangerous bacteria. So, minimize your contact with the dog poop and go for disposable diapers.

Male, Female, and Unisex Diapers

When you shop around, you will see diapers specifically for male and female dogs, as well as some unisex brands.

This is largely because male dogs, if they are only dealing with urinary incontinence, can get away with a belly band.

This wraps around their belly and catches their urine without the need for a full diaper that can make movement uncomfortable.

But female dogs and dogs that also need a diaper to deal with poop need a full diaper.

But there can still be differences between the diapers for male and female dogs, as diapers for female dogs do not need to extend as far up the belly.

Find the diaper that is the best fit for your dog and their particular incontinence problem. The less material they require for the diaper to be effective, the better.

How To Use Dog Diapers

Find The Tight Fit

If the diaper you choose for your dog doesn’t fit properly, not only will it not be particularly comfortable for your pooch, but it is also more likely to let mess escape from the sides, which kind of defeats the purpose of the diaper.

Every brand will have its own different sizing, so follow size guides to find the perfect fit for your pup.

If your dog doesn’t have a tail, cover the tail hole with tape so that it doesn’t become a leakage point.

Change The Diaper Frequently

Your dog will feel uncomfortable if they are stuck walking around in a soiled diaper for long periods of time.

The rubbing of a wet and dirty diaper can also cause doggy diaper rash, which may see you dealing with a skin infection as well as an incontinent dog.

Change your dog’s diaper’s regularly, and always change them at the first tell-tale sign that it has been used.

Clean Your Dog When Changing Them

When you change a baby, you are always careful to wipe them down and leave them clean before applying a new diaper.

You need to do the same with your pup, or they have the same risk of developing a diaper rash or an infection.

You can use the same baby wipes you use on children to give your dog a quick wipe down before applying a fresh diaper.

Don’t Make Your Dog Wear Their Diaper At Night

Diapers aren’t comfortable, and being stuck in a solid diaper for hours on end isn’t very hygienic. So, as much as possible, you don’t want your dog to have to use their diaper when they don’t need it.

The most obvious time is overnight, when they might be stuck in their diaper for eight hours without a break.

You should make alternative arrangements for your dog at night. One good choice is an elevated mesh bed, which allows urine to drain away and air to circulate.

This is less effective with poop, so you should also get something that is easy to wipe down if you need to clean the bed in the morning.

Protect Yourself

They say you get used to touching urine and feces when you have a baby, and that it is a natural part of life. But you don’t want to become accustomed to touching your dog’s urine and feces.

Dog urine contains dangerously high levels of ammonia when breathed in, and dog poop contains bacteria known to cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal illness, dehydration, and kidney disorder in humans.

Wear gloves when you are changing your dog’s diaper.

Consider Suspenders

While some dogs will leave their diapers on, others will scoot out of there in less time than it took you to put the diaper on in the first place.

Many pet parents will use suspenders to keep their dog’s diaper in place or cover the diaper with a dog onesie, which is much more difficult for them to take off.

Best Dog Diapers For Poop

There are lots of different dog diapers on the market, so it can be hard to know what to choose. But if you start with any of these brands, you won’t go wrong.

All of our top choices are disposable diapers, as it really is better to use disposable than washable diapers when it comes to pup poop.

1. All Kind Disposable Dog Wraps

All Kind makes a complete range of dog diapers including male wraps and female complete diapers, which are also appropriate for male dogs that need a diaper for poop.

Available in 10 different sizes for every kind of pup, they are quick and easy to put on and have a comfort-trim, which means your dog is less likely to want to try and escape them.

The diapers won’t leek urine, as they turn urine into a gel that is easy to clean up. The diaper also has a strip that changes color when the diaper gets wet, so you won’t need to guess if they need changing.

The absorbent pad extends far enough down your dog that it should be able to deal with any number two messes as well as urine.

2. All-Absorb Disposable Dog Diapers

All-Absorb diapers for female dogs and poopers are another great choice, and you can buy these in bulk so you always have some on hand.

These diapers come with “fur safe” closures, which means you can be sure the diaper won’t be pulling on their coat uncomfortably as they pursue an active lifestyle.

The diapers have a leak-proof barrier that should stop anything that gets collected inside from spilling out, and a color-changing wetness indicator lets you know when they need a change.

There are only five sizes available, but you should be able to find something appropriate for most dogs.

3. OUT! Ultra Absorbent Leak Proof Disposable Wraps

OUT! also make some great dog diapers that work well for both female dogs and male dogs that need extra protection for poop.

The diapers are made from a stretch material for a comfortable fit, and they have fur-friendly fasteners that won’t pull on their coat.

The diapers used Sure Seal technology to ensure there is no leakage and added baking soda helps neutralize odors, which is especially important with feces.

There are only three sizes to choose from, but the stretch fabric means you should still be able to find a comfortable fit for your dog.

4. Simple Solutions Original Disposable Diapers

Simple Solutions offer some of the best unisex diapers that are capable of dealing with any kind of mess you dog is able to create.

They are designed for comfort with fur-friendly fasteners and a breathable outer layer that is also leakproof.

If your dog does poop a lot, you can add additional protection to the diaper by including another disposable liner inside.

There are five sizes to choose from, accommodating dogs with waists from 15 to 23 inches.

5. Hartz Disposable Dog Diapers

Hartz also makes unisex diapers that will keep your pup dry and comfortable using FlashDry technology that instantly turns dog urine into gel.

This diaper fits the contours of your dog’s body well to ensure against leaks, and the stretch material means they hold on firmly, without creating discomfort.

Again, you can rely on fur-friendly fasteners, and the tail hole is also adjustable, so you can accommodate a broader range of dogs.

Choose from five sizes that range from extra small for a dog weighing just 7.5 pounds all the way up to dogs with a 22-23 inch waist.


Do Dog Diapers Work For Poop?

Dog diapers are generally designed to deal with urine, as this is the most common incontinence problem among dogs.

However, full dog diapers designed for female dogs rather than the wraps designed for male dogs should also be able to capture poop in a hygienic way.

Always use disposable diapers when dealing with dog poop. It contains bacteria that is harmful to humans, so you don’t want to be mixing these soiled dog diapers with the rest of your laundry.

Can You Potty Train A Dog With Diapers?

It is not advisable to potty train your dog with diapers. While it might make cleaning up less of a headache for you, it will considerably slow down the house training process.

If your dog is free to go whenever they want in their diaper, it will take them longer to learn that there are appropriate and inappropriate places to do their business.

The diaper will also make it more difficult for you to monitor your dog’s bathroom habits and, therefore, ensure they are in the right place to receive training when they need to go.

You can read the keys to successfully house training a puppy here.

What Are The Best Dog Diapers?

If you are dealing with a dog that is pooping in the house, the best dog diapers are full diapers, that are either unisex or designed for female dogs, even if your pooper is a male.

You should always choose disposable diapers when dealing with a pooping dog.

This is because dog poop contains bacteria that is dangerous to humans, and so you should be minimizing your contact with it. It is best to avoid washing these soiled diapers.

How Do You Clean Reusable Dog Diapers?

If you do decide to use reusable diapers, make sure you wash them properly. Start by rinsing thoroughly first to remove as much of the mess as possible. 

Then, turn the diaper inside out and apply a detergent that does not contain bleach or fabric softener, as these can damage any waterproof coating the reusable diaper may have.

You can then wash the diaper in warm water or on the delicates cycle in your washing machine.

Never wash a diaper that has been soiled with poop in your machine. It contains harmful bacteria, and you do not want this spreading to other items via your machine.

The Verdict

There are few things more frustrating than your dog losing their toilet training, especially if it means they start pooping in the house.

Whether they are suffering from a short burst of diarrhea or they have developed canine dementia, which means they have forgotten their toilet training, doggy diapers can help you weather the storm, whether it is for a few days or the twilight years of their life.

Choose disposable diapers that are unisex or designed for female dogs, even if your pooper is male.

These diapers provide the kind of coverage they need, and disposable is better as the bacteria that exists in dog poop means you don’t really want to be washing their diapers daily.

Make sure you choose a diaper with a good fit for your dog’s comfort and to ensure against leakage.

Change their diaper regularly and make sure they never spend extended periods of time in a dirty diaper.

This does mean they probably shouldn’t be wearing their diaper overnight. And when you change your dog’s diaper, use gloves to protect yourself.

Do you have any experience dealing with a dog that poops in the house?

Share your thoughts with the community in the comments section below.

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