100 Unique Names For Your Energetic Dog

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Got a dog that’s full of life and energy? Then you’ll want to ensure that you give them the perfect name to match.

Picking a great moniker for your pet doesn’t have to be ruff! We’ve rounded up 100 unique names for dogs –that would be perfect for an energetic pet.

From Apollo to Zoomer, Bolt to Zipper, Cyclone to Zinger, there’s no shortage of exciting and unique dog names in this list.

You’re certain to find a perfect match for your furry friend here.

Unique Dog Names (For Energetic Dogs):

  1. Apollo – Apollo 11 moon landing anyone?
  2. Bolt – A great name for a super pup! Also, Usain Bolt!
  3. Boomer – Here he comes!
  4. Boomerang – But no matter what, they always come back.
  5. Bullet – Faster than a speeding bullet.
  6. Blaze – A roaring fire. A blazing fireball of energy.
  7. Bubbles – Bubbly and enthusiastic.
  8. Buck – Let ‘er buck!
  9. Bustle – A hustle of energetic activity and movement, summed up in one word.
  10. Charger – For your pet who’s always charging around. Also the Dodge Charger.
  11. Chase – For all those laps you’re doing, chasing that energetic bundle of energy around.
  12. Chipper – Happy and energetic!
  13. Cobra – Nothing’s faster than a cobra’s strike.
  14. Colt – A young horse. Spunky and full of life.
  15. Cinder – Partially burned coal or wood that is still combustible. A name that conjures up images of a flame.
  16. Daffy – A fun, spunky-sounding name for your pup.
  17. Dart – The perfect name for a pup who never stops moving.
  18. Dash – Is your pup always dashing around?
  19. Daze – Dazed and confused?
  20. Deoge – Pronounced, D-O-G; meaning happiness.
  21. Diver – Jumping and diving!
  22. Dozer – For the pup who’s never dozy.
  23. Dynamite – You never know when they are going to simply EXPLODE with energy.
  24. Finn – Short for Finnley: Irish and Gaelic origin meaning “fair-haired courageous one.”
  25. Fizzy or Fizz – Bubbly. A sparkling personality!
  26. Flash – and like a flash, she’s gone. Also, pays homage to the superhero of the same name.
  27. Flint – Used to light a fire, or start a blaze.
  28. Flip – To “flip out” in excitement. Also could refer to a dog who flips out whenever she sees you!
  29. Frolic – To run in a free and dancing manner.
  30. Frenzy – For the favorite pooch that’s always in a frenzy.
  31. Gala – A celebration. This could suit a dog who loves to be the center of attention.
  32. Go-go – Full of energy and spunk.
  33. Happy – Need we say more?
  34. Harley – A fun-loving personality that no one can ignore.
  35. Hopper – Do you have a dog or a bunny? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. This is a good name for a dog with a springtime birthday.
  36. Indigo – A beautiful shade of blue. A bright, energetic color.
  37. Jazz or Jazzy – Jazz music! Perfect for your jazzy dog.
  38. Jet – a great dual-purpose name for a jet-black pup with tons of energy.
  39. Jolly – Good-humored. Also good for a dog who’s born in the winter.
  40. Jubilee – A shout out to happiness!
  41. Lark – A playful outing or adventure.
  42. Larkin – For the dog who’s always larkin’ around.
  43. Maverick – “An unbranded calf or yearling.” Someone who is free from restraints or guidelines.
  44. Merry – Jovial. Also great for a wintertime pup.
  45. Rascal – A fitting name for a rambunctious little rascal.
  46. Rebel – Even the best dogs have a bit of a rebel in them.
  47. Rip – Riptide.
  48. Rocket – Rocket man!
  49. Rogue – Like rebel, only a bit softer.
  50. Shine – To glow with light. This would be perfect for a dog with a shining personality.
  51. Simba – Of The Lion King fame, Simba means “lion.” (Swahili origin)
  52. Skipper – For your pup who’s always skipping around.
  53. Smash – Smashing all the rules, and maybe even a few records!
  54. Sonic – Is there anyone faster than Sonic himself?
  55. Speed – Need we say more?
  56. Spirit – For the dog who’s full of spirit.
  57. Spunky – Full of life and energy.
  58. Stormy – Sometimes owning a puppy can seem like the perfect storm.
  59. Trigger – Like a bullet.
  60. Uber – The car sharing service, this may be an ideal name for a dog who loves to go out in car journeys.
  61. Wilder – Conjures up images of being wild and free and wild. (Also, Laura Ingles Wilder!)
  62. Yoshi – A Japanese expression meaning “Let’s go!”
  63. Zazu – Speaking of The Lion King, Zazu means “movement.” (Hebrew origin)
  64. Zinger – That’s a zinger of a name!
  65. Zipper – For the dog who loves to zip around.
  66. Zoomer – For the dog who’s always zooming around the yard. (Also used to refer to Generation Z)

Unique Dog Names For A Boy Dog:

  1. Aisha – This Arabic name means life
  2. Allegra – Meaning lively and energetic. (Italian origin)
  3. Blithe – Carefree and joyful.
  4. Breezy – Fresh as a spring morning. Easy, breezy, beautiful!
  5. Callie – A bright and bubbly name, much like her personality.
  6. Cha Cha – a quick and energetic dance, sound familiar?
  7. Cookie – For your sweet little cookie. Sugar rush!
  8. Evie – This sweet name means life.
  9. Farrah – Meaning “Joy” in Arabic. (Also Mo Farah, the British long-distance champion)
  10. Fern – Meaning: “daring; adventurous.” 
  11. Fiesta – A party like no other with this one.
  12. Flo – Flowing here and there, never stopping, always going. Also, a nickname for Florence.
  13. Gale – A strong wind.
  14. Gigi – That perfect blend of sass and attitude.
  15. Glee – Synonymous with happiness.
  16. Mocha – Nothing like a little coffee to give you a burst of energy.
  17. Moxie – Is your pup full of moxie? Determination and grit.
  18. Nova – A star that releases a huge burst of energy. 
  19. Pepper – The spice of life!
  20. Peppy – Full of spice and personality.
  21. Sparkle – For that sparkling personality.
  22. Vita – Latin, meaning “Full of energy.”
  23. Vivian: This name means lively! (Latin origin)
  24. River – Always running, never ending.
  25. Sasha – Defender of mankind. This name has a fast, energetic sound.
  26. Sassy – A common, yet fitting name for a young pup who’s full of energy and sass.

Unique Dog Names For A Boy Dog:

  1. Cyclone – A largescale air mass, you see it coming but you can’t stop it!
  2. Gunner – Bold warrior. (Scandinavian origin)
  3. Havoc – Wreaking havoc wherever they go
  4. Ikehu – meaning “Moving energy.” (Hawaiian origin)
  5. Loki – A true trickster, mischievous. A good name for a fast, mischievous dog who’s a bit of a troublemaker!
  6. Red Bull (or Red) – That sudden burst of energy you sometimes need to get through the day.
  7. Ricochet – To rebound; to bounce off a surface.
  8. Scooter – Does your pup get around? Scooting from one place to another?

As you can see, you have plenty of choices for your energetic pup. When choosing a name, be sure to say it out loud to try it out and see how it sounds. And of course, you can always test it out and see how your pet responds to it, just like the Newton family did in the classic 90’s movie, Beethoven.

All the best in your naming journey!

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