EQyss Micro-Tek Pet Spray

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Product Description

EQyss Micro-Tek Pet Spray – Stop scratching, itching, biting, or licking hot spots.

SOOTHES ON CONTACT! Our most popular formula. Fast acting, safe and effective for all pets. Helps your dog, cat, puppy or kitten stop scratching, itching, biting, or licking hot spots in as little as 1 application. Provides a healthy environment for healing. Use with Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo for maximum effectiveness and round-the-clock relief. Easy to use – just spray on affected areas. Floral fragrance. When problems are eliminated, use Premier Pet Shampoo & Spray.

Bites cuts scrapes Hot Spots Easy to use Soothes dry itchy skin Removes pet odor Veterinarian recommended Non-Toxic

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are our products different?
EQyss uses the highest quality of ingredients available. Human grade ingredients made for Salon quality hair care products for people. Natural botanical extracts. No alcohol, silicone, petroleum based products, synthetic polymers, harsh soaps or detergents.

Are our products compatible with Flea & Tick topicals like Frontline and Advantage?
Yes, all of our products are compatible with all Flea & Tick topicals.

Are the products organic or natural?
EQyss Grooming Products use natural and botanical ingredients wherever possible.

Can these products be used on cats?
Yes! All EQyss products are safe to use on cats.

Can I use this product instead of the prescription shampoo the Vet gave me?
We recommend you follow directions given by your Veterinarian.

What other types of animals can you use your products on?
EQyss Grooming Products are the finest quality available and safe to use on the following: All mammals, all birds, all reptiles.

Does the shampoo need diluting?
No. EQyss Grooming Products are designed to be used undiluted, but can be diluted if you choose to do so. For best results, use as-is.

What does “pH balanced” mean?
For grooming products it means it will not affect (dry out) hair or skin. Non pH balanced products can cause skin irritations. EQyss Grooming Products are the perfect pH for your Horse, dog, or cat.

How long do EQyss Grooming Products last?
EQyss Grooming Products have a stable and useable shelf life of 3-5 years.

Why don’t you have an oatmeal shampoo?
Oatmeal shampoos, while very popular, are actually bad for an animal’s skin and coat. In addition to possible grain allergies, oatmeal shampoos coat the hair and skin with a fine powder that dulls an animal’s coat lustre and can even cause skin conditions from the buildup of it. Oatmeal shampoos are soothing for skin conditions, but nothing works better than Micro-Tek.

What should I do if I get the products in an animal’s eyes?
EQyss Grooming Products are among the safest available because of the quality of our ingredients, but as with all grooming products, eye contact should be avoided. If incidental eye contact does occur, flush with water immediately. If irritation persists, seek Veterinarian care.

Our History

Founded in 1991, EQyss Grooming Products manufactures Premium quality grooming products using Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Our brands include Micro-Tek, Premier, Mega-Tek, Flea-Bite, and Avocado Mist. Our commitment to Clean Technology includes using solar energy, purified water, and the highest manufacturing standards. Made in the USA!

eqyss grooming products pets shampoo conditioner horseseqyss grooming products pets shampoo conditioner horses

Our Team

EQyss Grooming Products was founded in 1991 by compassionate pet owners who wanted a better quality grooming product for their family pets. EQyss Grooming Products manufactures cutting edge equine grooming products using Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. We manufacture all of our products in our own facility located in Vista, California using only U.S. sourced raw materials.

EQyss Gives Back

EQyss Grooming Products is proud to support and donate to various Rescues, Shelters, and Youth organizations across the USA.

Soothes hot spots and dry skin
Reduces redness caused by irritation
Won’t burn or hurt irritated skin or open wounds

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EQyss Micro-Tek Pet Spray


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